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Welcome to Marti Healy Books

Thank you for your interest in author Marti Healy and her work.

Marti’s currently released books include:  “The God-Dog Connection,” “The Rhythm of Selby, ” “The Secret Child,” “Yes, Barbara, There Is An Aiken,” “Falling in Love with Aiken, Again.” “The Childornot Tales,” “Walking with Dogs – A Spiritual Journey,” “Breathings – Tiny Stories for the Thin Places of Your Heart,” and “Blinding the Moon.”

Each book is described in detail on the web page entitled “Books.”  You will also find reviews of these books following each book description.  Marti has several other books in various stages of development.

Readers are typically drawn to Marti Healy’s work because of her lyrical, yet straight-forward style of writing.  Her books are somehow timeless in content and ageless relative to the intended reader.  The stories are kind, gentle, and completely absorbing.  And each is totally unique.  They are particularly favorite gift books.

In addition to her books, Marti brings her compelling style of writing to her work as a newspaper and magazine columnist, and you can read the columns on the “Columns” page of this website.  Some of these popular writings have also been gathered together into bound books available through this site (i.e., “Breathings,” “Yes, Barbara, There Is An Aiken,” and “Falling in Love with Aiken, Again”).