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Thank you for your interest in author Marti Healy and her books.

Marti's currently released books include:  
"The God-Dog Connection," "The Rhythm of Selby," "Antiques in the Heart of Aiken," "The Secret Child," and "Yes, Barbara, There Is An Aiken."  

Each book is described in detail on the webpage entitled "Books."  You will find reviews of these books following each book description.

One of the things Marti's readers find most enjoyable about her books is their lyrical, yet straightforward, style.  They seem to be timeless in content and ageless relative to the intended reader.  Kind, gentle, and completely absorbing, each is also absolutely unique.  They are particularly favorite gift books.

Please also read about Marti, her background and views on writing, and other related topics throughout this website.

Marti enjoys hearing from her readers and invites you to use her email address to contact her:

If you are purchasing any of her books and would like them personally inscribed, or if you are interested in inviting her to speak for your club, church, school, or organization, please also use the email address noted above.

Thank you again for your interest in Marti Healy Books.

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