The Rhythm of Selby

A gently mysterious novel of the South

Winner of the Bronze Medal for Popular Fiction from the Independent Publishers Awards for excellence; and two Indie Awards for writing and design.

“My first novel was an absolute labor of love.”

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A tragic train derailment, the dying words of one of its victims, a fabled ruby necklace, a strained childhood friendship, a turn-of-the-century attempted murder, a terrifying storm that washes a 150-year-old secret to the surface — all come together as part of a tangled, multi-generational mystery that eventually takes an entire town to decipher.

When author Marti Healy moved to Aiken, South Carolina, she was immediately captivated by the town’s remarkable history, culture, kindness, and hospitality. She was also completely charmed by its people, houses, horses, and dogs. With great respect and affection, the author has created the fictional place of Selby, South Carolina – based a great deal on her real experiences and observations, but equally built out of pure imagination.

With gentle wit, masterful descriptions, and well-crafted lyrical writing, the author takes us through all the seasons of her alter ego’s first year in Selby.

The reader soon discovers that Selby has its share of eccentric neighbors and family secrets – secrets that have haunted their caretakers for more than a century, and still whisper from their graves.

A unique and compelling sense of place is created on every page. In fact, the town of Selby itself is, perhaps, one of the most important characters of the book. To enhance its sense of presence and beauty, the book features captivating photography throughout its pages.

The reader is invited to proceed slowly: to savor all the moments, the sights, scents, sounds and experiences for oneself – to personally enter into The Rhythm of Selby.

The author says: “It took about a year to write The Rhythm of Selby, and I loved every minute of it. I think part of the book’s popularity is that it is just a ‘nice’ read. There is no bad language, no sex and violence … it’s just kind of fun.  But that’s because I have had such wonderfully fun and brilliant experiences since I moved to the South.  I just had to share them.”

PLEASE NOTE: The hauntingly beautiful photographs throughout the book are by Shelly Marshall Schmidt and available through her studio. She can be contacted directly:


“Marti Healy’s novel, The Rhythm of Selby, is as warm and comforting as a morning bowl of grits. This is not a story of murder and mayhem, but a much more sedate mystery that speaks about the people of the South and their culture … It is a gift to be opened with care and treasured word for word.”

Jeffrey B. Wallace
Editor, Aiken Standard

“With her gift of capturing details of places and painting pictures with words, author Marti Healy puts the reader on the scene, capturing a sense of place in a small Southern town. Once you read The Rhythm of Selby, you may never again look at your own home town in the same way.”

Idella Bodie
Author of Carolina Girl
and numerous other historical novels set in the South

“In this wonderfully imaginative novel, Marti Healy has captured the quintessential nature of a small southern town. Her ever-curious mind led her to diligently observe people, places and events and she has woven them into an intricate interactive story. Her personalities evolve subtly with insight, love and humor, so that one senses that you have known them all your life. The mystery that is pondered in the opening pages sneaks up on you slowly, gently and compassionately. When you finish this story, you want to immediately go back to page one and read it again.”

Penny Alexander
Aiken, South Carolina

Available for $20.00

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