The God-Dog Connection

Things I’ve learned about God and Faith from the Dogs and Cats in my life.

“My first book was really straight from my heart.”
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Marti Healy’s first book combined her love of animals with her strong sense of faith in The God-Dog Connection.

The book is a gentle and straightforward collection of 25 small stories or essays that are each structured in the same way – retelling an observation about animal behavior, and then identifying the faith lesson that can be drawn from it.  It is punctuated throughout with photographs, some of which take on an almost hand-colored look. This book struck the hearts of thousands of readers almost immediately by word-of-mouth, and continues to be a top seller.

The God-Dog Connection is particularly popular as a gift book. But perhaps one of the best things about it is that is can be appreciated on many levels and by a variety of ages. Animal lovers, believers, and seekers alike find great lessons of faith, love, hope and warmth from everyday observations of our animals. All we have to do is pay attention.

DDogAccording to the author: “I didn’t know if anyone would want to read the stories or laugh at me for the premise, but I felt very ‘called’ to write the book, and it has turned out to be almost a ministry. I remember one of my neighbors – someone I had lived next door to for 20 years – read the book and said that she believed now she really knew me for the first time, that she really knew my heart.  I took that as great praise, indeed. I’ve been equally pleased when people I’ve never met before come up to me and say that I have put into words the feelings that they have experienced but could never express for themselves. The God-Dog Connection book has been responsible for ‘connecting’ me to a great many people and opportunities.  I think it was a gift, for which I am eternally grateful.”

PLEASE NOTE: Two companion guides are also available for use with this book relative to churches and other small study groups. They are The God-Dog Connection Study Guide, and The God-Dog Connection Pet Ministry. Please contact Marti directly for more information about these books and programs.


“It is always a joy to find a fellow animal lover who not only reads the animals accurately – but listens to them. A lovely book.”

Betty White
Actress/Animal Activist

“Well, I sat with the book on the sofa, surrounded by dogs and cats and began to read. I am not exaggerating when I say The God-Dog Connection is one of the most insightful books I have ever picked up. Author Marti Healy is so in tune to the lessons that we can learn through our pets and to God’s lessons as well. What a simply marvelous analogy at the end of each chapter! So many of them made me smile. I read the whole thing. I didn’t want to. I wanted to savor it — maybe read a chapter a night — but I couldn’t stop reading. I am going to be reading this many more times in the days ahead and I am planning to get out my trusty yellow highlighter and mark some special parts that spoke to me in a particular way.”

Pam Burns
Blackwood, NJ

GDcoverINDYThe God-Dog Connection is an inspirational and uplifting testament to the faith, wisdom and hope to be discovered in our animal companions. No matter your faith or the depth of your commitment, this is a book sure to connect with animal lovers as well as those seeking a simpler, more meaningful link to God’s goodness and grace. So find yourself a comfortable chair, a quiet hour and settle back with this delightful little gem. The adventures of Sparkey, Butch, Katie and the entire cast of 4-legged characters will warm your heart, rekindle your spirit and strengthen your faith in a higher power; a power that works in mysterious but also enchanting and sometimes humorous ways! Keep this little treasure of essays close at hand for whenever your heart hungers for a heaping serving of spiritual reaffirmation. I hope my heartfelt words of praise will encourage another animal lover, another believer, to pick up a copy and enjoy it, be touched by it and learn from it, just as I have.”

Sandra Tatsuno
Dennis, MA

“Perhaps a good number of us who have chosen to live our lives in the company of animals realize how very blessed we are. Yet author Marti Healy opens the door to the spiritual dimension of lessons our animals can teach us in The God-Dog Connection. Being passionate in my affinity for dogs and sincere in my quest for a better understanding of the meaning of life, I was instinctively drawn to this book by its title, yet soon after delving into its pages, I realized Ms. Healy was able to find and describe much of the essence of what was locked within my own heart. Her style is that of a friend you have known all your life. Her ability to seek wisdom and truth is awesome. This is simply a lovely book complete in its presentation, which would make a cherished possession for any animal devotee.”

Rachel Johnson
Geneva, IL

Available for $19.95

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