Tiny Stories for the Thin Places of Your Heart.

From ancient Celtic tradition, a “thin place” is where earth and heaven exist particularly near to each other.

In addition to actual locations on earth, I suspect such thin places are carried within the secret places of our hearts and souls, where we’re most vulnerable, most authentic – to ourselves as well as to one another.

I also suspect we experience thin places in our lives, when we are wonderfully susceptible and seeking, breaking open and reaching out for a bit of rest and respite, simplicity and kindness – for a time and place to breathe.

I’ve written these tiny stories for just such places and moments in time.

The stories are about dogs and cats and woods and ideas, about imagination and remembering, about ghosts in the night and song birds in the morning, about shadows and beaches, old cars and spiders in the bathtub, dancing bunnies and panic attacks.

There are 61 stories altogether.  I selected them from several hundred of my newspaper and magazine columns, written over the span of more than a dozen years.  I chose them simply because I liked them best.  And perhaps because I felt they represented the thin places of myself – the “breathings” of my own heart.

I hope they resonate with yours.

Winner of two INDIE Next Generation Awards (Inspirational Non-Fiction and Best Overall Design) and Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards.




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